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Agile Coaching & Organisational Change

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Agile methodologies give us some of the best techniques for delivering digital products and services. While the principles of agile seem simple and straightforward, implementing an effective process can be hard. Getting it wrong results in wasted effort, frustrated teams and poor quality outcomes. Get it right and you can deliver business and customer value at a record pace. Our agile coaches engage with development teams, product owners and business stakeholders to implement tools and processes that deliver results.

The challenges organisations face in moving to Agile

  • Some organisations view agile software delivery as a process just for development teams, and attempt to overlay legacy organisational processes that slow progress.
  • Engineering teams new to agile may adopt a textbook approach without tailoring both engineering and organisational process to the needs of the organisation, resulting in misaligned expectations and reduced delivery performance.
  • Some business stakeholders are used to viewing results based on development team output rather than increased business benefits.

Benefits of an Agile approach

Agile coaching will help you unlock the many benefits of an Agile approach, including:

  • How to improve the efficiency of agile delivery teams. Agile will create efficient processes to stabilise and improve velocity, while accelerating the delivery of business value, and we provide coaching on how to make this happen
  • Guiding product owners and business analysts on the principles of high-quality user story definition, to remove ambiguity from the development process
  • Coaching business stakeholders on how to adopt an agile mindset to unlock the full potential of engineering teams

The format of Zenitech’s Agile coaching

Our agile coaches work alongside your engineering teams, product owners and stakeholders to provide insights and active coaching to implement methods and processes proven to deliver results. They immerse themselves in the uniqueness of your business and provide tailored coaching for even the most demanding of challenges.

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