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User Experience Research

UX Research | Workshop

UX research provides a window into your customers’ world, eliminating the guesswork from how to create the best possible user experience.

Traditionally, businesses focus on appearance, functionality, price and timelines when they are developing new products or improving their existing products.

However, to create groundbreaking user experiences, you need to know how users think, feel and interact with your product. We help you get inside your customers’ minds to gain the insights and evidence you need to make the right decisions to ensure your user and business goals are aligned.

We use a process of discovering the behaviours, motivations and needs of your customers through observation, task analysis, and other types of user feedback. It can involve working directly with members of your target audience through UX testing sessions, remote session observation using digital tools, surveys to collect user feedback and many more UX research methods and techniques.

We run a one to two-week UX research sprint, depending on scope.

The challenges organisations face in creating a great user experience

  • You may struggle to understand why users aren’t converting at checkout.
  • You think your target audience has changed, but you don’t know what they want.
  • You want to know how to attract new audiences.
  • You want to test a great new idea to make sure it’s what users want.
  • Your app performs better than your website, and you want to improve your multi-channel experience.
  • You want to help users understand your service and key benefits.
  • You have some experience of user research but are not getting any meaningful insights.

Benefits of the Zenitech approach to User Experience

  • UX research can be straightforward, effective, time-saving and cost efficient
  • We evaluate and optimise prototypes and ideas based on UX research. discoveries – nailing the design and experience early in a product’s lifecycle.
  • We make sure any assumptions are validated and based on real data.
  • We know how important it is to be able to react to changes on the market, and reduce the risk that the product will not fulfill its goal, or lose its competitive edge.
  • We prioritise the features most important to you, and have a structured plan for product development.
  • We advise on and implement usability and accessibility recommendations.

Workshop Agenda

A typical UX workshop agenda will include:

  • Creating a user research plan
  • Background information discovery
  • Who’s involved? Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Business objectives, goals and success metrics/KPIs
  • Reference to any existing research
  • Research scope and focus
  • Defined timeline including key milestones
  • Research into participant profiles
  • Defined research methods & questions
  • Interview guide/cheat sheet
  • Data analysis and recommendations

Key Deliverables

We create a UX research report, which gives you one source of truth. This includes:

  • Research: personas, storyboards, customer journey mapping
  • Ideation: brainstorming, user flows
  • Prototyping: low > high fidelity prototypes, interactive prototypes
  • Evaluation: usability testing report and analytics report, evaluation solutions and impact measurement
  • Analysed data with recommendations. We will build a story and support it with data

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