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We work with global brands and organisations in:
Banking and Financial Services Energy and Utilities testing Professional Services Government and Public Sector Education Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Media and Entertainment Automotive and Transport Tourism and Hospitality

Our specialist sector knowledge means we understand the challenges of your business. Our technical expertise means we can give you the tools to overcome them.

Aviation, Automotive & Transport

Driverless cars, an increase in car-sharing and on-demand transport, targets for reducing emissions and the sale of electric vehicles, in-vehicle technologies, data-sharing and fuel efficiencies – the automotive and transport industry is undergoing massive change.

Technology is transforming the sector, from harnessing the power of data to understand consumer behaviour, to envisioning entirely new business models. It won’t happen overnight, but small, incremental changes, powered by the right technology, can keep you miles ahead of the competition.

Case Studies:
Addison Lee | B2See | Caresoft | Saab | ZalaZONE | Traditional Brand

A white, self driving car with two passengers in side facing each other
Man sitting in bucket seat with his foot on a pouffe, listening to music through white headphones whilst holding his mobile phone

Media & Entertainment

Broadcasters have become technology companies. Content has evolved to experience. On-demand is moving to ‘on-the-go’ as entertainment is driven by mobile and the advent of 5G. Interactive replaces passive consumption. VR, AR, holographic technologies, and even the metaverse continue to disrupt traditional models of entertainment delivery.

Media and entertainment must continually evolve to stay relevant. We’ll help you keep ahead of the trend and deliver great experiences for your consumers.

Case Studies:
Kobalt | SIS | Leading Entertainment Brand


The pandemic saw extraordinary disruption to the education system. Schools, colleges and universities have had to invest in technology to deliver remote teaching, exam grading and assessments.

We have extensive experience in the education sector, working with organisations to create pioneering technology solutions to these challenges.

Case Studies:
Major UK Based Exam Board

Woman wearing glasses and a brown top, working at a desk with her laptop
Energy professional in orange hi-visibility jacket, holding laptop to analyse data

Energy & Utilities

Data analysis and insight, IoT technologies, automation and AI, and the roll-out of 5G are fundamentally changing the way energy and utilities are provided, consumed, delivered and invoiced. Consumers are changing their habits in response to an environmental crisis. Providers are working to create efficiencies and eliminate wasteful processes.

The world is changing rapidly, and the industry is transforming as a result. The right tools equip energy and utilities companies to face a changing future, and be resilient in the face of that change.

Case Studies:

Banking & Financial Services

Banks, insurers and financial services companies face disruption from new market entrants, digital-first challengers, and changing consumer demands for simpler transactions and self-service.

Whether you’re looking to transform the user experience for your customers, or modernise legacy technology, we can help you create amazing experiences for customers and stay ahead of the competition.


A woman on a subway train paying for her travel by tapping her phone on a payment console
A male and two women laughing together in an office

Government and public sector

Government departments and public sector organisations are investing in digitisation to make more services accessible to citizens, prioritise spending, and modernise the public sector. All this while keeping a close eye on cost reduction and value.

Our digital transformation team understand the need for public sector clients to align investment in modernising, with cost efficiency.

Professional Services

Professional services like legal, accounting and consulting are being transformed by technologies such as automation and AI, data analysis and insights, and business intelligence.

The right technology (and the right technology partner) will enable your business to plan, create and deliver services at scale, efficiently and across the world.

Team meeting at a table with open laptops
Pharamaceutical professional sitting at desk analysing data

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Blockchain, MedTech, robotics, mobile GP services, automation, artificial intelligence and personalised medicine delivery are just some of the technologies disrupting the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

We will work with you to design and develop the technology to transform healthcare programmes and delivery securely, into the future.


We have worked with some of the biggest, most innovative companies in the technology sector, helping them with technically complex and challenging projects and integrations, in many cases where others had failed.

Our approach is to focus on the result you want, not the means, and we love nothing more than a technical challenge.

A woman sitting with two male colleagues inspecting data on a laptop in a data lab
A woman tapping her phone as an access code to enter a barrier

Hospitality & Tourism

It’s been a turbulent time for anyone in the hospitality and tourism sector. Apps are changing the way consumers interact with you. Data insight transforms your customers’ experience. Customers expect personalisation and tailored services on their terms.

In an increasingly tough market, the right technology gives you a competitive edge and helps you thrive into the future. We’re here to advise and help you on your transformation journey.

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