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Architecture Review

Architecture Review | Workshop

Maybe you’re experiencing growth in the use of your systems, trying to combine multiple related systems, have some major new projects coming up, or just want to get a health check on your current systems.

Our architectural review provides an assessment of your current system architecture, with a laser focus on what you need to achieve. We then provide recommendations for changes that will ensure you spend time and effort in the right areas.

The challenges organisations face

  • Many approaches to architectural assessments are scenario-based, which typically require a large amount of time and effort from a range of stakeholders.
  • Architectures don’t exist in isolation. It’s important that they are assessed within the context that they will be used (for example: will it be used by a handful of users, or millions? Is it serving users in a single country, or does it have a global audience? And so on).
  • Particularly in microservices-based systems, individual services can be well managed, but there is no clear responsibility for how all the services work together.
  • Architecture, and wider technology decisions, generally need to be considered over a reasonably long time-frame, meaning they are likely to encompass several individual projects / features, requiring coordination to make sure you keep focus on the big picture.

Benefits of the Zenitech approach in overcoming these challenges

  • The architecture review is anchored against your key system requirements.
  • We start by understanding how well your system meets those requirements, without needing a large time investment from you.
  • We identify risk areas of the system architecture.
  • We provide a snapshot of the current system.
  • As a result of the workshop, we will have a better understanding of what roles and people would best assist you.

Workshop Agenda

Our expert technology consultants and specialists facilitate an engaging experience for your stakeholders over the course of a couple of days, often spaced a few days apart to allow some fact-finding / review time between sessions. The exact scope of sessions are unique to your system and organisation.

A typical agenda includes the following sessions:

  • Introduction to your system, including demo
  • Exploration / discovery of your key system quality attributes
  • Sketching out the high-level architecture
  • Some offline probing of the architecture to assess its ability to meet the system quality attributes.

In addition, we can run code quality metrics which look at the size and structure of the codebase, can identify potential code hotspots, and assess the growth in complexity over time.

Key Deliverables

Following the workshop, we package our findings into an easy-to-digest format. Whether or not you choose to continue to engage with Zenitech, you will be provided with the findings and recommendations that will help you to make informed decisions about your technical roadmaps and future architecture.

Our review will include:

  • Architectural review summary
  • Architectural review report
  • Codebase metrics / assessment

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