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We focus on outcomes, not processes. It’s why our work gets tangible results for our clients.

Saving lives with an innovative route-planning app for firefighting operations

Saab | Aerospace

Saab, a leader in aerospace and defence, collaborated with AutSoft, a Zenitech Company, to develop a cutting-edge XR route-planning app for firefighting aircraft, revolutionising aerial firefighting and pilot training.

With real-time data and immersive 3D experiences, the app allows pilots to plan and prepare for firefighting missions more effectively. Autsoft’s expertise in Extended Reality (XR) and 3D development helped Saab create a seamless, interactive solution that not only improves mission planning but also saves lives and properties by enhancing the overall firefighting process.

Saab POSeidon Firefighting Plane Flying Dropping Water View From Side
Photo: SAAB

Revolutionising urban commute with a digital-first parking solution

Traditional Brand | Automotive

A traditional parking provider underwent a significant digital transformation, evolving into a digital-first brand under Zenitech’s guidance. The process involved understanding the client’s needs, reimagining their customer experience to be dynamic and flexible, and creating a unique app that encapsulates the brand’s values.

Addressing the technological aspects, Zenitech developed a new master app and a back-end platform to support the brand’s evolution. The result is a superior, customer-centric experience ready to cater to a new generation of customers, showcasing the integration of cutting-edge technology and the creation of a unique, brand-reflective app.

Car driving down circular off ramp for a high rise car park

Enhancing vehicle safety on ZalaZone's proving ground

ZalaZONE | Automotive

ZalaZone, a leading vehicle testing and development facility, partnered with AutSoft, a Zenitech Company, to create an innovative solution to enhance safety on their test track and contribute to the development of more secure vehicles for everyday use.

The system offers real-time tracking, automatic collision avoidance alerts, and centralized data management, enabling manufacturers to test their vehicles more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Aerial view of ZalaZone Vehicle Test Track

Creating an efficient energy network for Sagemcom

Sagemcom | Energy

Sagemcom, a leader in telecommunications and energy management, partnered with AutSoft, a Zenitech Company, to develop a data insights platform for intelligent grid management, featuring intelligent data collection and real-time processing that automatically scales with demand.

The platform allows Sagemcom to acquire, process, and gain insights from data collected from smart meters, enabling them to optimise their energy network, detect faults and anomalies, predict maintenance and supply needs, and plan network expansions.

Flowing data waterfall forming buildings skyline

Accelerating the pace of change for Addison Lee

Addison Lee | Transport

Addison Lee disrupted London’s cab services long before Uber hit the scene. Its innovative app – the first to let passengers track a driver’s journey progress and check their number plate – and its high-quality passenger experience were a hit with customers. But to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world of Uber, it needed to adapt its technology.

Zenitech worked with Addison Lee to help it scale, modernising and streamlining its technology to support its growth into 50 locations worldwide.

Black Addison Lee vehicle

Talkin ’bout a revolution in the music industry

Kobalt | Entertainment

If you know music, you know Kobalt. Kobalt revolutionised music publishing, by allowing musical creators to own their copyright, and creating a portal for artists to manage their own royalties and rights. It thinks differently, and needed a partner to do the same (and it helps that one of our founders is a musician and composer!).

We’ve worked with Kobalt on two really exciting projects. The first is the creation of KAT, an analytics platform that lets Kobalt measure data on its musicians (which tracks are most played, listener demographic and location downloads) which means it can tell how its clients are performing. The second is Syncpitch, a vast repository of tracks and playlists used by TV and film companies to find soundtrack music.

A Samsung mobile phone between a pair of white headphones

Transforming outdated systems for a leading computer entertainment brand

Leading Brand | Computer Entertainment

We completely overhauled an outdated operating system for a major entertainment brand, reducing its cost from £5 million per year to £50,000 (a tenth of the original cost). A system that had been set up in the 1990s was creaking under the weight of unused applications, outdated code and unworkable processes. It needed a complete overhaul – without disrupting the day-to-day business.

An 18-month transformation sees the brand with a cheaper, leaner, faster and more efficient operating system that’s a joy to use. It took a lot of analysis, great development skills and a large helping of imagination to deliver a system that will work for the brand well into the future.

Gaming system controllers

High spec benchmarking for automotive industry

Caresoft | Automotive

If you’re in the automotive business, and you want to compare competing vehicles or product designs (but without physically tearing a car apart), you may have used Caresoft’s comparison and benchmarking platform, created by Zenitech. It uses 360-degree images of parts, mechanisms and vehicles so you can compare product designs.

Sparks flying off the machines working on a car in a manufacturing factory

Driving sales of cars with B2See

B2See | Automotive

If you’ve struggled to buy a used car that has the spec you want, you’re not alone. Automotive technology is some of the most advanced in the world, and yet the industry still uses traditional methods of selling and repairing cars. Our innovative video-based technology for B2See has transformed the customer experience and driven up satisfaction.

A picture of a red Range Rover through the lens of an iPhone camera

The digital transformation of SIS into a global betting service

SIS | Sports & Gaming

Betting is as old as the hills, but to be in the race, betting companies need the right content and information. The means of delivering that content has changed from traditional broadcast technology to cloud and automation.

We worked with SIS on a digital transformation programme that has let them expand across the world, scaling their content delivery without increasing their overhead.

Baseball player wearing green top and white shorts swinging a baseball

Delivering the results that matter

Major UK based Exam Board | Education

We had just six weeks to create a system for a traditional examining board to get exam results out to students during the pandemic. 

Students couldn’t sit their exams, so the usual way of marking exam papers and assessing grades had gone out of the window. There was no technology infrastructure set up to be able to capture grades and assessment criteria from teachers, examiners and assessors, pull it into a central system, and get students their results over the summer. So we created it, and delivered the results on time.

Woman wearing glasses and a brown top, working at a desk with her laptop

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