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Information Security Audit | Workshop

Information Security is more important than ever. Cyber attacks are responsible for reputational damage, intellectual theft, financial losses, fines and long-term costs. Zenitech has a comprehensive suite of information and cyber security enhancement services to help assess and secure your product and services.

We work with your key SMEs in a workshop and with offline activities to audit and create improvement plans in the right areas of focus to help keep your platform fully secure and ready for the future.

The challenges organisations face with Information Security

  • Organisations are at risk from in-built malicious functionality with high-impact risks, including intelligent ransomware, data leakage and infrastructure overtake attacks.
  • Every new piece of software development presents a new risk, allowing new vulnerabilities in the production environment both for web apps and mobile apps.

Benefits of the Zenitech approach to those challenges

  • Comprehensive applied and industrial software security verification services, that reveals in-built malicious functionality and prevents from high-impact risks, resulting in prevention of hidden company surveillance, stopping sensitive data leakage or destruction, minimising industrial espionage risks.
  • Protection for websites, web applications and web services, resulting in security measures integration in the development process allows to avoid vulnerabilities in the production environment, ensuring maximum product availability.
  • Mobile applications & devices security analytics services, that ensure the security of the device and its relevant information, preventing users from data leakage, information destruction and illegal surveillance risks.
  • Review of B2B applications security enhancement services, driving into the codebase and infrastructure, providing best practices for CI/CD operations, achieving compliance, reducing bugs, ensuring code security and maintainability.

Workshop Agenda

Our experienced InfoSec experts will facilitate engaging experiences for your organisation’s SMEs for a half day workshop, with the exact scope being tailored to your individual business needs.

As a guide, an agenda could include:

  • Business pain points, strategy growth plans with a focus on tech scalability and future resilience needs.
  • Technical pain point mapping.
  • Demos of the system, with clearly mapped out pain points on where to focus audits.
  • Technical risks and issues planning, resulting in a prioritised focused backlog.

Key Deliverables

Following the initial workshop, our team will focus on the exact areas of potential vulnerability and improvements, working closely with your SMEs to deep dive into the following:

  • Applied software vulnerability and hidden threats analysis
  • Network stack analysis
  • Services security analysis
  • Security-verified software whitelist
  • OWASP compatible solutions
  • Web Application Firewalls development
  • DoS, DDoS protection
  • Penetration testing
  • Mobile applications security analysis (iOS & Android)
  • Mobile devices security analysis (Android phones)
  • Network stack security analysis2
  • Secure deployment pipelines
  • Vulnerability management
  • Secure infrastructure solutions
  • Security automation solutions

All services are compatible with ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials (CE) and CE Plus, European Cybersecurity Act’s requirements.

To finalise delivery, Zenitech will:

  • Present back detailed analysis of your organisation’s current situation with a detailed deep dive into each of the areas listed, depending on the uniqueness of your organisation’s platform.
  • Provide an action plan where necessary to help secure your platform for the future.
  • Give cost proposals to help implement and a team structure if required.

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