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Product Discovery

Lean Discovery | Workshop

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing product, or define a new service, getting started can be hard. You can spend months building detailed plans and requirements, which eats into your time to market and delays the speed at which you can realise the business benefits.

Our discovery workshops accelerate the definition and scoping of digital services and products into a single day. No more wasted time. No more delays to market. Simply complete product definition in a single day.

The challenges organisations face in product discovery

  • Unless stakeholders are aligned around a unique and powerful product vision, they become misaligned. This can create silos, and lead to people being unmotivated to contribute to product success.
  • Gathering detailed requirements through long, drawn-out definition phases can take weeks or even months before roadmaps and release plans can be defined. This leads to a slow development pace, and missed market opportunities.
  • Defining product scope and objectives in silos often causes friction, misalignment and lack of innovation.
  • Estimating the cost, duration and team structure of software development can take weeks, if not months, of analysing the requirements in detail – and even then, they can be inaccurate.

Benefits of the Zenitech approach in overcoming those challenges

  • Rapidly define the scope and roadmap for product and service ideas in a single day
  • Gain alignment with your organisation’s stakeholders through collaborative activities
  • Identify risks and issues with bringing the product to market (and strategies to overcome them)
  • Discuss and agree the high-level technical approach
  • Unlock the ability for Zenitech to provide development estimates and proposals in less than two weeks

Workshop Agenda

Our expert product, UX and technology consultants facilitate an engaging experience for your stakeholders over the course of a single day. The exact scope of sessions are unique to your organisation.

A typical agenda includes the following sessions:

  • Lightning talks and demos focusing on business context and existing systems
  • Business problem mapping
  • Product vision definition
  • User roles, pain points and goals
  • Product scope ideation
  • Product scope prioritisation and roadmap generation
  • Technical risks and issues planning.

Key Deliverables

Following the workshop, we package and digitise the workshop outcomes in an easy-to-digest format. Whether you choose to continue to engage with Zenitech through delivery or not, you will have all the data you need to make an informed decision about estimated costs and delivery timeframes.

We deliver:

  • A digitised workshop summary document
  • A product canvas
  • A prioritised product storymap
  • A clear development proposal, cost estimates and team structure

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