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Design Audit

Design Audit | Workshop

The purpose of design is to facilitate interaction with your customers, whether they’re making a purchase, registering an account, or playing a song. Each interaction fulfils a user need and validates the existence of the product or service.

While there are many intuitive metrics to tell you when a design is successful, it’s less easy to figure out where a design fails.

Consistency in design has a huge influence on a customer’s experience. It means the company is expressing itself consistently across all channels. The customer knows where they are, and what to expect from the brand.

Streamlining the design can make the product or service more usable, maximise business conversion and increase user engagement.

Zenitech’s design audit covers websites, web apps, mobile apps, comms and any other points where your customers interact with your business.

Zenitech’s approach

In a nutshell, we check the quality of the designs, the products, the user experience and the overall strength of the company’s brand by:

  • Conducting a design audit to evaluate your entire digital product, looking at it from every angle, revealing areas or features that need restructuring
  • Using factual methods to improve or grow a product through usability and visual recommendations that can enhance the user experience
  • Evaluating the functionality of the product or service at every stage of growth

This approach improves the design for both existing and new customers.

The design challenges organisations face

  • You may have a lack of design consistency which breaks the user experience or causes issues with funnels and metrics, especially when compared to your competitors.
  • You may find it difficult to update or add new features to the user experience.
  • Your existing products or services may have grown out of control, and need modification or alignment across the product folio.
  • Your brand may not be represented in the best way.
  • Your product or service may need a redesign with its future path charted.
  • You want to be able to easily introduce new digital products to market.

Benefits of the Zenitech approach to design

  • Product teams can see how their product differs from their competitors, and where to streamline work for design improvements.
  • We provide an objective view on the potential issues. This is critical for product managers or founders, who may be too close to the product to see things objectively.
  • Product owners can identify and bridge gaps in conversion funnels.
  • The ability for entrepreneurs to make changes in the prototype before passing it on to development.
  • We are an experienced partner for investors looking for experts to lead their teams in improving design solutions.

Design Audit

A design audit is an analysis of the user architecture and execution of products and services to deliver transformative and actionable business insights. It includes:
  • Business and user objectives
  • Visual design (layout, images, typography, components, patterns, animation, motion)
  • User journeys and flows
  • User mental models
  • Brand (including tone of voice)
  • Content (articles, copy, navigation links)
  • Heuristic evaluation (usability and accessibility)
  • Stakeholder interviews and user surveys
  • Competitor analysis

A Zenitech design audit workshop

1Define measurable objectives, e.g. audit goals, ROI, expected value, etc1 day
2Agree realistic timeline and budget1 day
3Time to gather materials and insights into product or service decisions1 to 5 days
4Perform audit with customer1 to 4 weeks
5Design audit report1 to 2 weeks

We typically work with people in the following roles to deliver design audits:

  • Product design
  • UX research (optional)
  • Account management (optional)
  • Project management (optional)

Key deliverables

After the design workshop, we deliver a detailed report covering:

  • What is good about the status quo
  • What is bad or needs improvement, with a prioritised roadmap
  • How to fix found issues
  • Support materials from the audit
  • Analysed data with recommendations. We will build a story and support it with data

Concluding the design audit, we will:

  • Improve the style guide, address any mistakes and move on
  • Create or update the design system
  • Update or redesign the brand

Follow up

Once the audit is complete, we can work with our clients to address any issues highlighted by the report.

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