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Our Digital Practice brings to life our clients’ digital transformation vision

The Digital Practice

We give our clients the advice they need to realise their digital ambitions, through poignant consultancy products in the following areas: Product Discovery, Architectural Reviews, UX/UI Audit, UX Research, Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Audit, Digital Branding, Product Optimisation, Infosec Health Check and Agile Coaching.

We guide you through the digitisation journey, collaborating closely with you, and developing a long-term partnership. Our focus is always on creating the very best digital solutions to address your business challenges.

Product Discovery

Lean Discovery | Workshop

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing product, or define a new service, getting started can be hard.  You can spend months building detailed plans and requirements, which eats into your time to market and delays the speed at which you can realise the business benefits.

Zenitech product discovery workshops are different. We work with your organisation’s stakeholders and subject matter experts to speed up the process. We define and scope the digital services and products you need in a single day, capturing the right information to get development started in the shortest time possible.

Product discovery workshop with sticky notes stuck to the table

Architecture Review

Architecture Review | Workshop

Maybe you’re experiencing growth in the use of your systems, trying to combine multiple related systems, have some major new projects coming up, or just want to get a health check on your current systems.

Our architectural review provides an assessment of your current system architecture, with a laser focus on what you need to achieve. We then provide recommendations for changes that will ensure you spend time and effort in the right areas.

User Experience (UX) Research

UX Research | Campus

UX research provides a window into your customers’ world, eliminating the guesswork from how to create the best possible user experience.

Traditionally, businesses focus on appearance, functionality, price and timelines when they are developing new products, or improving existing ones.

But if you want to create groundbreaking user experiences, you need to start by knowing how your users think, feel and interact with your product. We help you get inside your customers’ minds to gain the insights and evidence you need to make the right decisions to ensure your user and business goals are aligned.

Design Audit

Design Audit | Workshop

The purpose of design is to facilitate interaction with your customers, whether they’re making a purchase, registering an account, or playing a song. Each interaction fulfils a user need and validates the existence of the product or service.

While there are many intuitive metrics to tell you when a design is successful, it’s less easy to figure out where a design fails.

Consistency in design has a huge influence on a customer’s experience. It means the company is expressing itself consistently across all channels. The customer knows where they are, and what to expect from the brand.

Streamlining the design can make the product or service more usable, maximise business conversion and increase user engagement.

Agile Coaching & Organisational Change

Agile Coaching | Campus

Agile methodologies give us some of the best tools for delivering digital products and services. While the principles of agile seem simple and straightforward, implementing an effective process can be hard. Getting it wrong results in wasted effort, frustrated teams and poor quality outcomes. Get it right and you can deliver business and customer value at a record pace.

Our agile coaches engage with development teams, product owners and business stakeholders to implement tools and processes that deliver results.

Accessibility & Digital Inclusion Audit

Accessibility Audit | Workshop

1 in 7 people across the UK live with a disability, including visual, hearing, cognitive and motor-mobility. Consequently, in excess of 14 million users face daily barriers (digital and physical), creating social displacement. That’s why we’re championing Accessibility & Digital Inclusion at Zenitech, striving for automatic, universal access to all digital products and services. An accessible and inclusive digital estate is fundamental to legislative compliance but also an opportunity to invest in an exceptional user experience, whilst demonstrating true empathy to all users and their individual needs.

Zenitech’s accessibility automated testing and manual compliance audits, in line with ‘Web Content Accessibility Guidelines’ (WCAG 2.1), will evaluate your level of compliance and help define AAA standards for existing and/or new products, meaning you can confidently capture 100% of your target audience.

Infosec Health Check

Information Security Audit | Workshop

Information Security is more important than ever. Cyber attacks are responsible for reputational damage, intellectual theft, financial losses, fines and long-term costs. Zenitech has a comprehensive suite of information and cyber security enhancement services to help assess and secure your product and services.

We work with your key subject matter experts in a workshop and with offline activities to audit and create improvement plans in the right areas of focus to help keep your platform fully secure and ready for the future.

Product Optimisation, Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Product Optimisation | Workshop

When you are looking to build on an existing, successful product, the challenge of how and where to focus your attention can seem daunting. You either have too many choices or too few, to make a real difference.

Zenitech’s product optimisation, analytics and CRO workshops offer something different. Working with your organisation’s key stakeholders and subject matter experts, we will help you create meaningful backlogs, plans to achieve optimum CRO and help you create features that users love, returning maximum ROI, in the shortest time possible (most often a single day).

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