A Leading Multi-National Lottery Operator Gaining UK’s National Lottery Newest License

In a landmark development in 2022, the new Lottery Operator clinched the highly coveted 4th UK Lottery License, marking a pivotal transition in the country’s lottery landscape. This move followed a previous operator’s stewardship from 1994 until 2023, signifying a significant shift in operational dynamics set to take effect in March 2024.

Business Partnership

The Lottery Operator’s strategic partnership with Zenitech was not luck; it stemmed from a successful collaboration with one of Zenitech’s subsidiaries, offering a foundation of trust and technical expertise crucial for the license bid. Zenitech’s involvement extended beyond mere consultation, encompassing a pivotal role in crafting innovative digital solutions to elevate user experiences and operational efficiency.


The project presented a multifaceted challenge, requiring a meticulous overhaul of the
national lottery infrastructure while delicately integrating with legacy systems and third-party providers. The paramount objective was to ensure a seamless transition from the previous lottery operator’s established systems to the new Lottery Operator’s revamped platform, safeguarding continuity in player experience and operational integrity.

Project Scope and Objectives

Zenitech’s mandate was expansive, encompassing the development and deployment of new user journeys across a spectrum of digital touchpoints, including web and native mobile applications. The overarching goal was not merely technological modernisation but also regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to stringent standards governing the lottery domain.

End Goals

Beyond the immediate transition, the Lottery Operator envisioned a transformative trajectory for the National Lottery, underpinned by robust sales growth and an amplified commitment to UK good causes. Central to this vision was the adoption of cutting-edge technology to fortify player protection measures, charting a course for sustained innovation over the decade.

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Technological Solutions

The project’s architectural blueprint adhered to the rigorous C4 model approach, leveraging a synergistic blend of cutting-edge technologies to realise the Lottery Operator’s ambitious vision. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the bedrock for cloud infrastructure, complemented by Terraform for streamlined infrastructure management and automated deployment pipelines. Java and Spring Boot constituted the backbone of the backend, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance. React emerged
as the linchpin for frontend development, facilitating the creation of intuitive, user-centric interfaces across web and mobile platforms. Embracing the latest advancements in mobile development, the project harnessed Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI to engineer native iOS and Android applications, imbuing them with fluid animations and seamless user experiences.

Collaborative Efforts

Effective collaboration emerged as the cornerstone of project execution, necessitating close coordination among stakeholders.
Lottery Operator, Scientific Games (responsible for lottery games backend), Deloitte Digital (pioneering user experience and design), and Zenitech (instrumental in digital solution delivery) formed a cohesive alliance, converging their expertise to navigate the project’s labyrinthine challenges. Regular communication, iterative feedback loops, and agile methodologies underpinned the collaborative ethos, enabling rapid iteration and course correction.

Why Zenitech?

The Lottery Operator’s decision to entrust Zenitech with this pivotal undertaking was predicated on a confluence of factors, chief among them being Zenitech’s proven track record in delivering mission-critical digital solutions, particularly within the high-stakes gambling sector. Zenitech’s hallmark adaptability, technological acumen, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction positioned them as the preeminent choice for the Lottery Operator, instilling confidence in their ability to surmount challenges and deliver tangible outcomes.

Strategic Importance

The project transcended mere operational significance; it assumed strategic importance for the Lottery Operator, serving as the linchpin of their continued relevance and competitiveness in the fiercely contested lottery domain. Timely and successful project delivery was imperative for maintaining market share and burnishing the Lottery Operator’s reputation as an industry trailblazer committed to driving positive societal impact through responsible gaming practices.

The collaborative synergy between the Lottery Operator and Zenitech epitomised a union of visionaries committed to redefining the contours of the UK National Lottery landscape. Through a judicious blend of innovative technology solutions, regulatory compliance, and unwavering dedication, the project sought to preserve the lottery’s storied legacy and chart a transformative trajectory towards a more inclusive, secure, and immersive gaming experience for players nationwide.

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