Working together on vehicle safety

ZalaZONE is a vehicle testing and development facility located in Hungary. It provides a variety of road surfaces for vehicle manufacturers to test their designs.

In November 2019, ZalaZONE partnered with AVL – the world’s largest independent simulation and testing company – to help it support vehicle manufacturers in developing safe and reliable transportation. The site is now known as AVL ZalaZONE.

Enhancing test track and road safety

ZalaZONE partnered with Zenitech to develop a system that would enhance the centre’s safety and could eventually be used in multiple locations. The Tracker System contributes to the enhancement of road safety and the development of even more secure vehicles. It also supports the automotive industry in manufacturing more reliable vehicles for everyday use.

The ZalaZONE test track offers a proving ground for different automotive tests. It tracks, analyses, and monitors vehicle testing and carries out supervision and notification tasks with the support of a central system. It tracks the position of customers using the test track to ensure driver safety.

ZalaZone Proving Ground command centre people sat at test with tracking system app on laptops

What the system does

The Tracker System provides real-time tracking of the test vehicle from the admin page. It records routes and sensor output and collects and stores data.

Multiple users can use the test track simultaneously as the system distinguishes between the various test cars and the data they generate. The system features automatic collision avoidance alerts and informs users
of unauthorised intrusions into new zones of the track. In addition, users can view their and other test car positions via the application map.

Customers need to log in to the system, and from there, they can arrange their time on the track, and they’ll go on to receive a summary of their testing activity, allowing accurate and detailed logging.

The Tracker System has a mobile app and a scalable real-time data collection component with a dashboard which uses features like Maps to show the routes and positions of each user and collision alerts. The dashboard also allows users to manage their bookings and receive daily summaries of tests they conducted on the track.

View of computer monitors showing the tracking system in real time

Empowering admins

Administrators log in to the dashboard to follow vehicles and their data (such as their speed and position) on the track in real-time. They can also review previous routes and statistics. The real-time chat function lets the administrator notify the driver of any special event or danger on the track.

Keeping drivers informed

Drivers launch the mobile app before entering the test track and use its tracking function – constantly sharing the position data with the dashboard. The app displays a map with the driver’s actual position and shares notifications and alerts sent by the admins.
A hand next to a mobile phone showing a live view of a vehicle test track tracking system
In car view of steering wheel and phone showing Tracker System App