Zenitech’s journey into the evolving world of Artificial Intelligence continues with the eagerly anticipated Edition 2 of our “New Beings AI eBook.” Building on the foundations laid in Edition One, this edition delves deeper into the practical and transformative use of AI in software development.

This comprehensive guide, featuring insights from our experts Christopher Lacy-Hulbert and Cristian Tintas, covers a range of cutting-edge topics. Explore the possibilities and challenges of tools like AutoGPT, Copilot, SuperAGI, and Tabnine, and how they are reshaping the software development landscape. Each chapter offers a blend of technical depth and accessible insights, making it invaluable for both industry veterans and newcomers.

In this edition, we also address the legal and ethical dimensions of AI in software development, providing a holistic view of the technological advancements. Join us in navigating the exciting yet complex world of AI and discover how these tools can elevate your development process.

Download your copy of “New Beings AI eBook – Edition 2” now and be part of the conversation shaping the future of AI in software development.

Download New Beings – Edition Two here.

Coming up in Edition 3

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Edition 3 of the New Beings AI eBook, where we delve into the critical security aspects of AI-generated code and the integration of AI-driven accessibility testing solutions. We’ll explore how AI-assisted unit testing can enhance web app reliability and expedite development cycles. Additionally, we’ll look into the possibilities of AI futures.

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Download New Beings – Edition One here.

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