London / Budapest, September 18, 2023 – Zenitech, the UK-based technology company, has completed the brand integration of Autsoft, the Budapest-based software development company that it acquired in September 2022. 

The acquisition was part of a strategy by Zenitech to grow and expand its operations and expertise across Europe, and the integration of AutSoft and Zenitech means clients have the full benefit of access to some of the most skilled developers and technology innovators in Europe. 

AutSoft was originally founded at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and, under the Zenitech brand, it continues to work closely with BME on innovative technology research and development for customers today, testing and proving technology concepts before they enter the commercial world. This association allows Zenitech to work with a wealth of talented engineers and professors from one of Europe’s top technology universities. 

Over the past 12 months, the teams from both organisations have worked hard to merge teams, cultures, practices and experience. They have established formal collaborative working practices to allow teams from all the Zenitech regions to share best practices, learn from each other and develop new ideas in cutting-edge technologies.

Major initiatives that have resulted from the integration include the launch of Zenitech’s ‘Future Technology’ division, including Zenitech Labs, a research and development capability that looks at new technology and how it can be tested and applied in a commercial setting. 

Other initiatives include an AI taskforce, which is a team of developers researching how AI will impact development and how clients can benefit. 

“Zenitech and Autsoft have brought two highly skilled capabilities together, and the integration has been hugely beneficial to both organisations,” says Ed Batrouni, co-founder and CEO of Zenitech. “We can now combine the rigour of academic research, prototyping and the implementation of this in a commercial setting – bring the latest technologies to clients that have already been tried and tested. This is a true differentiator to our industry peers and especially organisations of our size.”

Gábor Fauszt, Zenitech’s Regional Director, Hungary, said: “As part of the integration, we have developed international working groups across both teams to keep all our skills fresh and constantly updated. We share best practices in an informal, organic way and by creating tools to enable us to share innovation across teams. We bring different experiences but share values and the desire to constantly improve, innovate and grow.”