Zenitech is sponsoring Hungary’s largest online IT competition, the 2023 National IT Competition. Now in its seventh year, the competition seeks to find the best IT technicians in the country, giving them a series of tests which let them showcase their skills in different technical areas. 

Zenitech is sponsoring the Mobile App Development category, which gives entrants the opportunity to test their app development skills. 

The competition is open to both junior and senior IT professionals, either individuals or corporate teams. It lasts seven weeks, and kicks off on 12 October, with registrations open from 25th August 2023. 

Participants take part in seven rounds where they answer written questions in more than two dozen categories, completing tasks each week that take between 10 and 40 minutes per task to solve. The top three entrants in each category win prizes, and the overall winner of the whole competition wins the main prize, which will be revealed before the start of the competition.

“Taking part in a competition like this is a great way to learn and test skills, as well as showing your knowledge of the latest technologies,” said Gábor Fauszt, Regional Director Zenitech in Hungary. “We’re proud to sponsor the competition, and it lets us connect with the smartest minds and emerging talent in technology.”

The full list of categories at the competition include:

  • .NET microservices
  • development of barrier-free websites
  • Azure cloud
  • AWS
  • Embedded systems C
  • C++
  • Cloud BI
  • Cyber security
  • DevOps
  • Front-end development
  • Network knowledge
  • Industry 4.0 .NET
  • Industrial networks
  • IT security
  • Java programming
  • Kubernetes
  • Networking 
  • Linux system development and operation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mobile development (iOS or Android)
  • Large language models
  • Language independent programming
  • Python
  • Windows/Microsoft server operation
  • Geospatial informatics 
  • Web development with traditional tools 

After the winners are announced, the event is rounded off with an award ceremony in early 2024. 
For more information, see https://megmerettetes.hu/.