Welcome to our New Beings series, covering the rapidly emerging topic of artificial intelligence in the software development domain. Here at Zenitech, a substantial amount of our work consists of high-quality software development for global brands – this work is often at a significant scale and of a mission-critical nature. 

Led by an intense curiosity to understand the implications of artificial intelligence in our work, we engaged in a series of detailed investigations covering a broad spectrum of topics. 

Through these investigations, Zenitech, and other companies active in software development, can benefit from a greater understanding of the capabilities of these tools, and how we might use them to advance our work and increase the competitiveness of ourselves and our clients.

We’ll be sharing this series of articles over the next few weeks, so if this is an area of interest to you, please follow us and join in the discussion. 

The series will cover the technical aspects of artificial intelligence in software development and consider the legal implications of working with AI, such as data, privacy, copyright infringement, intellectual property, and information security. Our goal is for this series to be used as a guide for software developers in general. 

To be clear, this article series is not about the broader topic of business enablement through AI.  However, we will be publishing tangible use-cases in the near future to illustrate how any business can or should use LLMs (Large Language Models) and other AI technology to enhance their business offering and remain competitive.  These considerations are outside the immediate scope of software development.  If this is an area of interest to you, please get in touch and we can help you shape your thoughts.

Our very best technical talent worked on this series, in collaboration with our legal partners at Stevens & Bolton.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing articles covering:

  1. Demystification – a glossary which will cover the key terms we’ll be using throughout the series
  2. New beings: legal issues and AI
  3. Accelerating iOS development with AI tools: a practical exploration with ChatGPT and Copilot X
  4. Coding
  5. Security analysis of AI-generated code
  6. Integrating accessibility testing automation solutions to an existing project using AI
  7. How AI-assisted unit testing boosts reliability of web apps and speeds up development cycles
  8. The future

We welcome you to follow this journey as we unravel facts, debunk falsehoods, consider benefits and risks and dream about the future.