How Zenitech can help universities to safeguard and amplify inclusivity and diversity on campus

Embracing an inclusive and socially diverse campus is the bedrock to the measure of success of any seat of higher learning. With the need to meet social expectations and surpass diversity benchmarks taking precedent today, technology plays an ever more vital role.

In these uncertain times, no organisation should be passive when it comes to issues that have come to the fore through major shifts in social change, such as Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement.

Armed with social awareness, the choices of today’s students are based on purpose, value, and experience, and universities are and many more must rise to that challenge.

Using technology to create both a stronger bond with students, and give them a platform to raise issues beyond their studies, can solidify stronger communities in the academic setting.

Defined by increasingly open, connected, coordinated and intelligent ecosystems, the concept of the smart campus is revolutionising universities today, both through physical and digital interaction.

New technologies – from student portals to independent outreach platforms and new advances in identity management – can create a more immersive and interactive experience for students, staff, faculty and stakeholders of a university or college. This is helping to raise voices and eliminate inequalities; the need is made greater given the isolation caused by Covid-19.

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How Zenitech is helping to shape tomorrow’s campus

Through high-level partnerships in equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), Zenitech is already transforming organisations and businesses with its solutions.

For example, Assento is an intelligent assessment and reporting platform that can be tailored to an organisation’s needs. Through the use of data capture, integration, process and visualisation, the system tracks the user journey and enables new paths for personal development and collaboration.

The user feels secure in engaging with an independent platform to help support their well being and growth within an organisation, whether a workplace or campus. It enables an individual to discuss issues around inclusion and collaboration within a corporate or educational framework.

The platform has already opened up more practical opportunities for organisations to deliver outcomes aligned to inclusion, diversity, employee growth and professional development in the workplace. It is designed to equip individuals with the confidence and training to grow in their roles, whatever their circumstances.

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In the traditional university setting, students can often feel part of the machine. How they can make clear their views, and embody change, is often seen as the domain of the student union, separate from the institution of the university itself.

We firmly believe that by taking a more inclusive approach through technology is creating happier, more successful and richer communities in higher education. University management too must document their commitment to diversity targets, and with technology at hand they can show how they know their students better than anybody.

The education sector is ripe for digital transformation; make sure you are at the forefront of that change. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you keep ahead of the competition.