A smart campus for the smartest of minds

British universities are at the top tier in nurturing the brightest minds from across the globe, yet to maintain this prestige they must adapt and transform through embracing the very latest technology. Your students are not standing still, so nor should you.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has made all too clear, technology is vital to the way we communicate, stay safe, and educate. Daily life on the campus has changed drastically, and so staff and students must look for new and efficient ways of working in tandem.

Ideas around the ‘smart campus’ are already shaping new ways of learning and maximising students’ potential. In it’s 2019 study, Deloitte spoke of higher education at “the crossroads of an amazing digital shift” with students as consumers and customers being empowered with choice. Armed with social awareness, the choices of today’s students are based on purpose, value, and experience, and universities must rise to that challenge.

In its work on strategic technologies impacting higher education, Gartner says the smart campus will drive growth in areas such as robotics and augmented virtual reality: “Campus efficiency will be enhanced and student learning will be enriched with the new capabilities they bring”.

How Zenitech can help you transform

Our partnership with one of the world’s leading universities has forked into a number of projects, which have ultimately provided greater efficiency and cut overall costs:

– With students unable to sit exams this year due to the pandemic, Zenitech has been tasked to rapidly deploy a team to build a system that would capture information about university undergraduates. Using our bespoke system, lecturers have been able to upload information about their students based on previous grades/rankings for better assessment.

– Another assessment tool gives feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education, providing lecturers with an external international benchmark for learner performance.

– Recognising that the modern student is tasked with more than just essays and exam papers, we created a scalable solution for electronic multi-media submissions and assessment. USB sticks, DVDs and CDs can be cast aside, as can wasted time downloading electronic files, rather than actually marking or moderating.

– We created a dedicated portal accessible to lecturers and heads of department for any subject where the latest course materials can be found, increasing efficiency and transparency.

– With information security and keeping in line with GDPR of vital importance to the education sector, we have created an identity and consent solution to keep data as safe as it can be.

These are just examples of some of the work Zenitech has been doing in facilitating the smart campus of tomorrow. Recognising that universities are businesses too, these and other technology initiatives created by us have all helped schools to win new “customers”, and build stronger propositions that fuel growth and efficiency.

The education sector is ripe for digital transformation; make sure you are at the forefront of that change. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you keep ahead of the competition.