How Zenitech is tackling inefficiencies and cyber threats on education programmes through identity management

We’ve all been there – desperately searching your memory (or a scrap of paper) for the last password you used to access an account. From email, websites, apps, to intranet networks, HR and productivity platforms, confirming our identity can be both frustrating and time-consuming.

Managing and securing your digital identity can be troublesome in any modern workplace or organisation, especially one as multifaceted as a worldwide education institute of thousands and even millions of individuals spread across different departments, courses and countries.

Frustrations aside, passwords are there for a reason – to protect you and your data from misuse against increasing cybersecurity threats. The use of biometrics such as fingerprints and facial recognition has gained traction in recent years, but passwords continue to be the easiest and most trusted option.

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Keeping the tech behind identity management secure and seamless is vital for a functioning business. This is where Zenitech, a partner of choice to organisations that seek digital transformation and business reinvention, can really help.

How Zenitech is transforming the sign-in process

In our work for one of the world’s leading education organizations, Zenitech has been tasked with managing access to a number of disparate departments, learning programmes and networks; merging accounts and permissions without compromise on security.

The technology identity platform we implemented and customised has enabled the option of Single Sign-On (SSO) across multiple accounts and applications, bringing simplicity where there has been undue complexity.

SSO is one of the most powerful ways of avoiding bad security practices. For example, when presented with a plethora of different systems, each requiring their own password, people may begin writing passwords down on paper.

With an SSO system in place, users have been able to use a single password for all systems. In addition, the use of two-factor authentication – including randomly generated and constantly refreshing codes – adds an extra layer of protection with users granted peace of mind with more than just a password.

Both learners and staff can now access their work through multiple applications with a unified design hosted in one place. This all fits in with the concept of modern education with technology increasingly seen as a crucial enabler and competitive differentiator for education institutions across the globe.

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In its work on the subject, global research and advisory house Gartner identifies next-generation security and risk management as one of the biggest strategic technologies impacting higher education this year.

Gartner stresses that in today’s digital business environment, the conventional security objectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability must be expanded to include privacy, safety and reliability.

This is something Zenitech wholeheartedly agrees with, especially given the threats to cybersecurity in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

Is identity management something that we can help your organisation with? The education sector is ripe for digital transformation; make sure you are at the forefront of that change. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you keep ahead of the competition.