Zenitech are proud to announce that we have become an Amazon Web Services partner in the Select Tier.

AWS partnerships recognise organisations that have proven their technical expertise and customer service proficiency.

Professor Peter Ekler, Head of Future Technology, Zenitech, said: “As a non-legacy  technology company, we decided to work towards the AWS partnership. We started by investing in cloud technology and developing our team to eventually complete their certifications for the partnership (which took on average six months of hard study, strongly supported by Zenitech). The certifications are incredibly valuable for Zenitech, our developers and client partners.”

Customer benefits

Zenitech knows the importance of constantly investing in new technologies and keeping our expertise sharp. Having AWS certification helps us in offering the best bespoke solutions for our clients.

Gabor Fauszt, Regional Director and Head of European Sales, Zenitech, said: “The Zenitech team is immensely proud of this achievement. It represents significant added value and cost-optimisation benefits to our clients. It will help our clients make informed decisions and make it easier for them to plan the total cost of infrastructure, services and ownership.”

AWS offers clients dynamic scaling, which is the flexible environment organisations need to keep pace with cutting-edge demands, like AI tools.

AWS’ building-block style systems allow Zenitech to develop software for customers quickly, helping us to make our development projects even more efficient and effective.

Just the start

Zenitech are currently certified for the AWS Select Tier level but we have our sights set on progressing to the Advanced and Premier Tiers of AWS partnership over the coming months.

An AWS partnership is a commitment to constant innovation and improvement as we explore areas of future cloud services, and the Zenitech team are excited about the journey ahead.

Zenitech is also following a similar path in the other key cloud technologies to provide customers the choice that will fit their specific needs.