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Car driving down circular off ramp for a high rise car park

Reimagining Parking: A Case Study in Digital Transformation

Explore how Zenitech drove digital transformation for a traditional parking provider, creating a dynamic, flexible, and customer-centric experience. We reimagined their user experience, integrated cutting-edge technology, and developed a unique app that reflects the brand’s values.

Aerial view of ZalaZone Vehicle Test Track

Tracker system for ZalaZONE proving ground

Discover how ZalaZone and Zenitech, joined forces to revolutionise vehicle safety testing with their innovative Tracker System, providing real-time data and analytics for a safer and more efficient testing environment.

Sparks flying off the machines working on a car in a manufacturing factory

High spec benchmarking for automotive industry

Building Benchmark The automotive industry is still struggling to find a balance between digital innovation and reliability. As consumers are drawn to more environmentally friendly,

A picture of a red Range Rover through the lens of an iPhone camera

Driving sales of cars with B2See

Reshaping Engagement We are operating in an increasingly digitally driven landscape, in which users expect a very high-level of personalisation not just from their ‘Google’