This year has been one of huge change for you and your workforce but, while adapting to new practices is one thing, it’s still business as normal in the hunt to continuously improve products and services. We know you want to keep one step ahead of the competition and be able to act fast given changing market conditions.

While recession will inevitably curtail some businesses, the strongest will thrive and continue to invest in infrastructure and technology to both improve services and efficiency and cut costs whenever possible.

In times of turmoil, it’s even more important to make the right partnership choices. The pandemic means trust is vital if you are not going to have physical contact with your outsourced collaborators.

As a team which prides ourselves in being in close quarters with our partners throughout their journey, we at Zenitech believe we are well-placed for the months ahead.

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Zenitech’s agile methodology in practice

As a technology partner, our collective identity and strict agile methodology means we are always at hand to complete projects in response to fast-changing circumstances.

According to the PMI research, more than half of all organisations are reorganising their activities around projects and programs, and this means agile, change-ready teams leading on collaboration, empathy and innovation.

An example in practice is our work for one client in the support and analytics field, which was struggling to deliver fast results given limited internal capabilities. Tasking us with an ambitious project of automating a digital adoption platform within a strict six week deadline, we entrusted the job to a small team of dedicated engineers.

They worked immediately to confirm the shape of the project; define solutions in an easily understood and visual way; and then break the tasks down to small incremental steps which could be reviewed by the client at every stage. Embarking on a project in isolation without close contact with the client can lead to time consuming missteps, which is why we value input throughout the chain.

With the need to get things done fast with minimal disruption, while keeping an eye on the cost saving possibilities, our first task was to understand the client’s existing technology infrastructure and coding language. We could make use of this instead of generating extra costs through the implementation of a different technology stack – why charge extra when you already have good tools at hand?

We then worked backwards – first determining what must be delivered at the end date, then breaking down each task into ‘sprints’ which could be tackled by the engineers. All told it was a disciplined process, but approached with a flexible mindset given how quickly needs and circumstances can change on the fly.

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The final part of the process was refining the project, with plenty of time given over to testing and finding any bugs in the solution. Impressed with our delivery, the client is now working with us as one of Zenitech’s long-term partners.

Delivering meaningful value through partnerships and agile mindset

Our agile methodology is about structuring teams and work flows to deliver meaningful value, on time and to high standards. We recognise the reality of the project economy and how it is primary to how efficient organisations solve problems particularly during these times when fast adoption to the new normal and market demands is crucial.

The pillars of our success are evolution, innovation and partnership, future-proofing your business through delivering practical results. Whether through automation, AI, mobile development, applications management, cloud computing, or digital strategy, we are transforming business in both the good and tougher times.

Are you in search of a technology partnership that can help you deliver non-disruptive efficiencies through agile projects while keeping an eye on how we can maximise your current assets, rewarding the very best results for your clients? Get in contact to find out how our agile, experienced engineers can transform your business through rapid collaboration.