It can be difficult to know what benefits augmented reality and virtual reality technologies can have on your business.

To help remedy this, we’ve set up Zenitech Labs (part of our Future Technology Think Tank). Our aim is to discover how new tech can benefit business by experimenting with new tech and platforms to test new technologies and prove concepts.

Our first guide in a new series on ‘Future Technologies’ looks at the practical applications we’re exploring and gives businesses a simple six step process to begin working with AR / VR technologies.

We’re working on all sorts of fascinating technologies as part of the Labs. Projects underway range from using virtual mapping in aviation, to using 3D scanners or location modelling information in healthcare. We’re also exploring the possibilities for using VR in tutoring and training, visualisation technology for areas like retail, city planning or even emergency response, and AR in construction.

They are all groundbreaking technologies with a serious business, economic or social impact.

All projects start with a clear goal. This is not technology looking for a home, this is technology that can be used to solve a real-world problem. And we’re proving the concepts at Zenitech Labs.

If you want some inspiration, head over to our guide: 10 AR/VR Applications to Inspire you, or get in touch to see how AR and VR might work for your organisation.