We’ve just launched our ‘Future Technology’ division at Zenitech, which includes Zenitech Labs, a research and development capability which looks at new technology and how it can be tested and applied in a commercial setting. This is one of the reasons I was so pleased to acquire the amazing Autsoft, the leading Hungarian software development company with close ties to Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Some of the brightest tech talents in Europe – PhD researchers and developers at the university – are involved with creating proofs of concept in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)  and machine learning (ML), virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) and Future Cloud. Things that organisations might want to implement in their businesses, but aren’t sure how. 

It’s easy to talk about the principle of new technologies, and how they might impact us in the future. But Zenitech Labs is researching (and implementing) what is possible now. Things like how VR can be used in training first responders, how AI can be used in cars, or how doctors can use AR to refine surgical procedures. We’re investigating how to build interesting new features on gaming consoles or in-car software, how to develop processes to manage supply chains (and help smaller suppliers innovate on these new platforms), and what’s really possible in the new world. 

The division is  headed up by the hugely talented Peter Ekler, who as well as being head of future technology for Zenitech, is also an Associate Professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (BME AUT). 

For every new and relevant technology, a team of people from across the Zenitech community will pool ideas for new concepts, create and develop together, pull things apart, put them back to together again, test, review and test again. We do it for clients, of course, but we also do it for ourselves and our own learning and development, so that when we advise clients, they are based on real experience and concepts that have been tried and tested. And, of course, it’s what we love to do. Who in tech wouldn’t want the chance to create an industry-disrupting application using a new technology? 

We don’t re-invent the wheel where we don’t need to. We pool all our ideas and experience, and have a process to share knowledge. From this, we have developed our Zenicore offering, which is a repository of tried and tested technologies and processes that can be reused to bring efficiencies and speed to our projects. That means all our clients benefit from the learnings from our Labs. 

New ideas and new technologies are what give companies competitive advantage. They help them scale, grow and find new markets. They can transform industries. In the past, the only companies really doing this level of R&D were a handful of huge tech giants. Now, we have the capability and the skills to match them, so the benefits can be felt not just by companies with the deepest pockets, but also by those who have the vision to truly innovate. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about what we’re working on right now, see our recent guide entitled “10 AR/VR Applications to Inspire you”, or check out our new ZeniTalks virtual event series where we’re talking about some of the more interesting future technologies with commercial value for organisations.

Or of course, you can also contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you.