Production control and optimisation platform

Introducing the SensorHUB platform—your go-to solution for sector-independent, industry-specific data collection.

Optimised for tablets and factory displays, SensorHUB revolutionises production by precisely measuring the productivity of both production lines and the machines within them. Not only do you get real-time insights, but you also unlock the potential to generate income from your data.

sensorHub diagram showing device screens with analytics

Advantages of SensorHUB

Return of investment

Installation, Learning, In use

Productivity & employee performance

Analysis of data & extracted correlations


At its core, SensorHUB excels in local processing and data transmission, delivering essential services such as data collection, aggregation, visualisation, secure communication, and efficient data transmission. It acts as a foundational platform, offering localised service interfaces to a myriad of applications.

Output via Open Standards

Utilisation of OGC Standards for consistent sensor data output.

User management

Streamlined management interface for user profiles and access control.

Data Accessibility

Tools for the immediate representation of real-time and historical data.


Implements encrypted communication and storage protocols to ensure data security.


Flexible sensor system integration with both preset and custom driver support.

Light Weight

Optimised for minimal resource usage, deployable across diverse hardware platforms.


Automated alerts based on predefined operational parameters.

Communication Protocols

Compatibility with multiple communication standards, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave.

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