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for Android and iOS

Engage directly with your community, whether they are town citizens, school students, company employees, or sports club fans. Inform them about loyalty offers and discounts, or solicit their feedback through surveys.

InfoHUB is a versatile content management system tailored for mobile phones and tablets, facilitating real-time communication with your community.

Key benefits

Build a community

Evolve your community by involving the users actively via questionnaires.

Exchange information

Reach your community directly and exchange information effectively.

Customise the Experience

Strengthen your brand through customised app design.


Discover the power and versatility of InfoHUB, your go-to mobile app builder for Android and iOS.

Designed to foster meaningful connections, our platform equips you with a robust set of features that streamline communication, personalise user experience, and offer scalable solutions.

Whether you’re looking to engage a small town or a large fanbase, InfoHUB provides the tools you need to cultivate a thriving, interactive community.


Recommend personalized programs, activities, and coupons. Leverage the targeting module to reach your users in real time.


InfoHUB is scalable from ten to a million users and supports logging in with Facebook or Google accounts. It’s easy to upgrade your subscription when you need more traffic or storage.


Share content easily, notify users about the latest news and programs via instant notifications.


Get first-hand feedback about your actions. Keep track of your users’ activity and improve your application based on real data.


Involve your community by letting users express their opinions via customisable questionnaires and voting platforms.


Control your interactive mobile presence — match your mobile app with your brand’s design. Change the app’s theme, menu structure, and content from the admin panel.

InfoHUB Magazine

Inspiration and insights for everyday life.

Build an even better community that thrives by using technology in a supportive and innovative way.

iPad showing the info hub magazine - a woman on the phone


Explore the diverse range of industries that InfoHUB seamlessly integrates with, from Education and Media to Shopping and beyond. Whether it’s notifying students about upcoming events, sharing real-time updates to city residents, or delivering personalized promotions to shoppers, our platform is uniquely equipped to enhance engagement and deliver tailored solutions across various sectors.


Notify students about the latest news, upcoming events and recommend personalised programs.

Man sitting in bucket seat with his foot on a pouffe, listening to music through white headphones whilst holding his mobile phone


Share content easily, involve users to participate in your games, announce winners.

A chopping centre


Recommend personalised coupons to the customers and stream your events, brand promotions.

Sat on a bike using a phone between the handle bars

Smart City

Make the city more liveable with the help of citizen and notify them about the latest news instantly.

A phone in landscape showing a sports game


Promote your association’s activities and make your content more by using AR content management.

Two employees sat on chairs on their mobile phones


Support your employees’ self-development and them to participate in the company’s community life.

Woman checking into hotel at front desk


Notify your guests about the latest offers and facilities, nearby events and recommend personalised programs.

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