Partnership as a mindset

One very wise man once said, “remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”. And, as we are taking some time to reflect upon its words, we are happy to announce that our Zenitech office in Lithuania has grown to 100 staff members.

“It is an achievement and a milestone that means a lot for us! We knew we’re going to achieve it and we were ready for that”, said Laimonas Krivickas, head of Zenitech Lithuania. With partnership as a mindset, team Lithuania has proved that through perseverance, we can make a difference and assure our clients’ that their businesses are ready for the future.

As we reflect on our tremendous growth in the last five years, we’ve understood that putting community first, both through its close-knit international team and long-lasting client partnerships, has been at the heart of Zenitech’s success from the very beginning. Alongside offices in Romania and London, the Lithuania team, packed with development talent, has been integral to this expansion right from the off.

To quote one of our very first team members : “It was a small family then, now the family is big – but still I feel it’s a family”.

Balloons 100

From one-off “bug fixing” to long-lasting client partnerships

As the team grew, their work evolved from the one-off ‘bug fixing’ jobs to long-lasting partnerships with clients; digging deep into their businesses with proactive ideas to help them develop, become more cost efficient, automated, and future-ready. The team structures became more complex, from a few developers directly interacting with a client to full-blown agile teams with roles and skill-sets required to cover a full Software Development Life Cycle.

While one of the consequences of growth can be the developers’ loss of ability to communicate directly with clients, Zenitech has been careful to foster the right culture to ensure these vital close relationships are not diminished through bureaucracy. A bigger business, yes, but our commitment to the value of a community first approach remains.

As our colleagues from Lithuania are at the starting point for the next leap forward, we are sure the future holds many milestones for them, and we are happy to count each one!

Are you a developer or engineer looking for the next step in your career at a thriving, young, community first organisation? Make sure you check out the opportunities at Zenitech at our Eastern European offices.