Dmitrij Nikolajev shares the captivating story behind the ISTQB foundation in Lithuania. Discover the how and why behind this significant step and gain insights into the profound impact it holds for the testing community in Lithuania.

Vol.10.1 Speaker:

Dmitrij Nikolajev – Dmitrij is a versatile professional. He is the Business Unit Manager at Insoft, overseeing software quality assurance and IT project delivery. Besides, he is a lecturer at Vilnius University and the President of LTSTQB, the newly established National Software Testing Qualifications Board. With extensive experience in software test automation, development, and IT project management, Dmitrij has managed complex IT systems and legacy projects. At Insoft, he focuses on developing testing staff skills, facilitating activities, and managing service delivery. Additionally, he teaches Software Testing to computer science students at Vilnius University.