I often hear university graduates who are taking their first steps into the tech industry saying they want to work for a cool new startup. They want to be part of the next generation of unicorn companies that have technology at their heart. 

Startups are exciting. They are a major contributor to a healthy economy. But they carry risk, too. Only a few go on to become an Uber, TikTok, Tesla, or Revolut. 

I understand the desire for young people breaking into the technology industry to work for a company that’s creating something disruptive, that’s pushing boundaries and changing the market. But young graduates might also want (or need) a more stable working environment.

It’s possible to have both. Behind every great startup that goes on to succeed, there’s technical innovation. It is technology that lets these fast-growth companies scale quickly and break into new markets, and that has the potential to change the way we live and work.

This is exactly what we do at Zenitech. We power the companies with ambitions to scale their products or services across the globe and build successful, profitable businesses that are built on great technology. We create the technology that pushes barriers and has the potential to transform businesses. Our brilliant teams innovate every day, and share their innovations with each other so we can all learn new techniques and skills, and apply them to great client work. They are able to work on lots of different projects rather than just one, constantly learning and growing their skills. And so graduates can have all the things that appeal to them about working with startups, but with the stability that comes from being part of an established company.

There’s a saying that no-one wants to lay bricks, everyone wants to build a cathedral. Building cathedrals – or their technical equivalents – is what we do. We start with a big goal – how can we help a client transform how it does business? What can technology help them with? That transformation could be enabling them to scale, or take a product to market faster, or open new revenue streams, or fundamentally change how their customers interact with them. Every brick we lay, every tiny, incremental innovation, every bit of code that’s written, contributes to that goal, to the building of the cathedral.

And then our employees can look back at what they’ve achieved together, and say: “We did that. We changed how this business works.” They can apply that knowledge, everything they learned from the project, to the next challenge. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. 

This is where the real innovation lies. Not only in the new disruptive startups, but also in the technology created by the developers, data scientists, researchers, engineers, designers, analysts and architects. They are the people fuelling true technical disruption, and they’re doing it as part of a community of people who share similar goals and ambitions. 

So if you’re looking to work for a cool new startup, consider also working for the company that powers them. A company like Zenitech.

We are always looking for great people to join our Zenitech community. For information on working for Zenitech, see our Careers at Zenitech site.