This is a must-read for engineers and developers, or anyone with a passion for (or interest in learning) Scala.

Andrei Muja is a software engineer at Zenitech. When he applied for a previous job, he was told he would be working on a Java project, but when he arrived, he discovered it was a Scala project. He knew nothing about it, and initially hated it.

But gradually, he fell in love with Scala.

He has written about his experience, and his insights into what he calls ‘this beautiful yet tricky language’ for 4Mayo in Romania. In his article (which is in English), he looks at what Scala is, what makes it special, its main features, and the differences between it and its older sibling, Java.

He covers: readability; interoperability; type inference; traits; case classes and companion objects; high-order functions; operator overloading; by-name, by-value and closures; recursion; and data structures and mechanisms. He also lists some resources for developers to learn more about Scala.

Scala might present challenges in terms of learning (Java is easier to understand), but it has a dedicated small but growing community of fans. Could you be one of them?

Read Andrei’s article here: Scala, Java’s younger sibling