It’s already clear that 2022 will be a year of rising costs for businesses and consumers. As a result, business growth will come under significant pressure, and people are already looking for ways to cut costs.

Digitalisation offers businesses one way to streamline costs and offer customers a more user-friendly (and possibly more economical) service.

Partly due to organisations increasing investment in digitalisation efforts, we’ll see cloud migration pick up the pace – this will lead to a more competitive cloud provider market.

Big tech will continue to dominate the Internet of Things, especially as consumers search for the best deals on the connected devices that help them economise.

While there’s a lot of hostility to NFTs now, we’re already starting to see companies throwing their hats in the ring. We could start seeing NFTs changing the shape of the internet and the digital economy as a whole in 2022 – but currently, mainstream adoption of the technology is being held back by a lack of regulation, understandable scepticism and environmental concerns.

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