Embarking on a journey through the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI), Zenitech has unveiled the first of three compelling guides in the series – New Beings. Crafted in collaboration with prominent law firm Stevens & Bolton, this pioneering ebook is available for exclusive, complimentary download.

New Beings invites you on a thrilling exploration of how AI currently integrates with and its future in software development. Leveraging our rich repository of recently published articles, the guide offers an in-depth analysis of living with AI in software development.

In this premier instalment, you’ll gain insights into the meteoric evolution of artificial intelligence, decoding complex legal issues such as intellectual property rights, liability, and accountability. Moreover, we discuss the governance and regulation of AI, a hotly contested subject shrouded in ambiguity.

But that’s not all. We delve further to explore how AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Copilot X, could potentially turbocharge iOS development.

New Beings offers a comprehensive overview of:

  • The legal landscape and nuances orbiting the use of AI
  • Practicality and applications of AI in software development
  • Ways AI tools can lend a helping hand with coding
  • The exploration of how AI unit testing can condense typical development cycles
  • A comprehensive security analysis of AI-generated code

Get ready to navigate through the intriguing domain of AI in software development with our free-to-download first guide. Eye-opening and riveting, the link below heralds the beginning of your AI adventure. Dive right in, the world of AI awaits.

Download New Beings – Edition One here.

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