Zenitech Group and all its subsidiaries are delighted to announce that we have successfully renewed our Cyber Essentials certification as of June 3, 2024, certified by The IASME Consortium Ltd. This marks the third time that Zenitech passed the Cyber Essentials audit, underscoring our commitment to maintaining high IT security standards for our clients.

As a leading technology service provider, ensuring robust cybersecurity measures within our IT environment has always been a top priority. By adhering to the stringent requirements of the Cyber Essentials certification, we protect against the most prevalent cyber-attacks, ensuring the integrity of our operations and the security of our client’s data.

Cyber Essentials is a highly effective, government-backed scheme designed to protect
organisations of all sizes against a wide range of common cyber attacks. These attacks often include basic attempts by relatively unskilled individuals, akin to a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked. Following the scheme’s guidelines helps prevent such breaches.

The Cyber Essentials certification ensures protection against many types of common cyber attacks. Basic vulnerabilities can make the company a target for more sophisticated threats; adhering to Cyber Essentials significantly reduces this risk. Certification provides peace of mind that defences are robust against most common threats, as these generally avoid targets with the essential technical controls in place.

At Zenitech, our renewed certification demonstrates our continuous efforts to address
cybersecurity basics and avoid common attacks, providing a secure environment for our
clients and operations.