I’m delighted to announce that Rupal Patel has joined Zenitech as a Board Observer, working alongside Gordon Wilson, our Non-Executive Chair. 

Rupal’s background and experience is phenomenal. She has worked in the banking sector for 20 years; her experience includes Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs. A few years ago she moved into fintech, and is currently head of insights and risk intelligence at Acin, a risk analytics fintech that connects clients and empowers them to manage non-financial risk efficiently, holistically and dynamically. 

She joins us for 12 months as part of a scheme run by Boardroom Ready by Smarter Networking, which matches companies with up-and-coming non-exec directors, to give them board-level experience. The host companies (of which Zenitech is one) benefit from the knowledge and experience of senior executives as they move into their first board position. 

Zenitech and Rupal’s interests are closely aligned. We pride ourselves on our community values, both in the way we work together and the way we work with our clients. That’s something that’s close to Rupal’s heart, too. In 2020, she created and built her own community, Women in Risk & Control, supported by Acin. It was formed as a collaborative industry initiative to positively impact gender diversity in non-financial risk management at senior leadership level, and it now has more than 2000 members, and runs mentoring and educational programmes and live events. 

We asked Rupal what she’s looking for in her role with Zenitech, and she told us: “This is a great opportunity to get involved with Zenitech, and learn from the founders and people who have contributed to its success. I love Zenitech’s mantra of ‘there’s always a better way’, which challenges us to find better and more effective ways to do things, and that fits my own ethos of continuous improvement, too. It means people are constantly learning and developing.” 

Rupal will be joining our board meetings, observing how we work, and adding her expertise to our team. We will benefit hugely from her experience and are grateful both to Gordon and to Board Match for introducing us to her.