When I sit in front of a new application, ready to test it, I do exploratory testing. It means I put learning in the center of my work. The application is my external imagination, as I set on a quest to do the best possible work testing – providing information – as I possibly can.

My best possible testing includes two forms of test automation. I leave test automation behind as documentation, that does a part of the testing work for me even when I am no longer attending to the application. And I create test automation that enables me to test things that would otherwise stay out of my reach that I may dispose of as it has served its purpose.

Contemporary exploratory testing arises from the observation in teams that we too often do a bad job at both manual testing and test automation for the results we seek in projects. What does it look like when we frame the two together, through an example of an application, of testing done and automation created?

All good testing is exploratory to an extent, but not all testing is exploratory testing.

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Maaret Pyhäjärvi – Contemporary Exploratory Testing.

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