Delivering the results that matter

While students may have now returned to campus, 2020 has nonetheless been an incredibly disruptive year, not least for those who have been unable to sit their exams because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ofqual’s algorithm-based exam results debacle for A-levels in the UK was ultimately proven to be a case of a technology used in the wrong capacity to grade students. Controversially, it factored in past data from schools rather than being based on assessments from the teachers closest to their students.

Still, other schools and universities have taken the initiative of employing technology to grade students who haven’t been able to sit exams, using more palatable methods with direct input from teaching staff.

This is where Zenitech comes in. A partner of choice to organisations that seek digital transformation and business reinvention, we have extensive expertise in the education sector and, importantly, a history of delivering bespoke solutions quickly and on budget.

How we work with education organisations to create timely bespoke solutions

This was the case with our work for one of the very top-tier educational institutions in the UK, which tasked us with creating software that could work to efficiently capture grades.

Working to a strict three-month deadline, our team worked on a solid solution that could ultimately give learners from around the world the opportunity to apply for the university having not sat exams.

Branching out further than just A-levels, taking in various different qualifications from different countries, this was never going to be a simple task. Still, we quickly established the capture solution, with our bespoke technology allowing teachers or exam officers to input their assessments and ranking of students either onscreen or via spreadsheet.

Studying Woman

Next, grades were sent securely to a database ready for a grading algorithm before results could ultimately be issued taking into account the student’s name, subject and syllabus.

This was a privately created solution that takes into account input from the teachers that have worked alongside students throughout their course; such technology is already in huge demand as education organisations look to gain a competitive edge in the new world where Coronavirus looks to be with us for the long haul.

Educational institutions around the world are actively bolstering their efficiency and profitability through adoption of pioneering new technology.

In it’s 2019 study, Deloitte spoke of education at “the crossroads of an amazing digital shift”, and this works both across giving both students and staff the best possible day-to-day ‘smart’ campus experience, and making sure assessment is as fair, secure and clear as possible.

The education sector is ripe for digital transformation; make sure you are at the forefront of that change. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you stay relevant in today’s highly technological world with increasing learners demands.