Mobility as a Service

Founded in 1975, Addison Lee is a London-based provider of premium personal and business transport, carrying over 10 million people every year in more than 50 locations worldwide.

Renowned for an emphasis on passenger experience, the company operates a fleet of 4,000 vehicles with annual revenues over £900m. With a reputation built on disrupting the traditional London black cab industry, Addison Lee was the first to bring innovative technology to the cab ride.

Customer-led Innovation

With a commitment to exceptional standards of service, Addison Lee has always looked for new ways to provide its customers with increased value. This has created the drive to find new technology-driven ways to champion innovation within the business, resulting in superior client experiences in an increasingly competitive private car hire market.

Addison Lee relies heavily on technology to manage the processes associated with its daily operation. With a passion for customer-led development and a desire to streamline and automate current processes, Addison began a search for a technology partner. Finding a technology partner who could resolve existing issues and drive genuine growth became a key focus.

After examining existing relationships with various technology providers, Addison Lee recognised it was still reliant on expensive and inefficient solutions coupled with legacy infrastructure. As a result, the business sought to find a technology partner which could resolve existing issues and drive genuine growth.

The Addison Lee Mobile App seen on an iPhone screen

Consolidation, re-useable components, and automation

By looking for solutions that could provide immediate returns on investment, Addison Lee was won over by the Zenitech team and its innovative approach to securing growth through technology.

What Zenitech offered was an approach centred around three core pillars: consolidation, reusable components and automation. A strategy key for achieving both immediate and long-term value. Through a heightened focus on existing assets and incumbent technology, Zenitech’s vision was to identify opportunities to make the best use of existing infrastructure, rather than relying on a significant upfront investment in new solutions.

Zenitech quickly reduced costs for Addison Lee by deploying expert nearshore scrum teams across locations in the UK and Europe. The Zenitech teams adapted rapidly to Addison’s existing workflows and could scale robustly at speed.

Addison Lee employed Zenitech to direct their expertise towards its mobile technology estate. After reviewing existing digital assets and suppliers, Zenitech proposed a detailed plan which would allow Addison Lee to unlock further value by leveraging existing technology, rather than investing in a totally new stack of solutions.

Following an initial twelve-week discovery period, Zenitech adopted the governance of Addison Lees’ mobile estate and replaced its existing supplier. As a result, Addison Lee experienced a 30% reduction in overall costs through effective, agile and more transparent development operations.

Furthermore, Zenitech was able to deliver value by introducing impactful automation solutions into product delivery and the QA team. This allowed Addison Lee to let go of an entrenched QA supplier who relied on slow, manual testing processes. Zenitech also built automation capabilities into the scrum teams, meaning 60% of development activity could be automated.

What Adisson Lee says about Zenitech

“Working with Zenitech is a joy and we quickly achieved a close partnership with them. They are proactive in terms of code improvements as well as an ability to stay focussed and manage the end to end process efficiently. Zenitech uses best in class technologies, so we don’t have to ever worry about falling behind the competition. Zenitech stays on top of our technological development for us and their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion inspires us all at Addison.”

Abhinav Shankar, Product Manager Addison Lee