Who we are

We are a community of technology experts across UK, Romania, and Lithuania who combine creativity and expertise to deliver IT solutions that help build future-ready businesses.

We are an employer of choice for people for whom technology is a passion not a job and we are a partner of choice for companies that want to lead through digital. First and foremost, we are people who move technology and business forward.


Zenitech was founded because we realised that companies needed real technology, platforms and delivery models which were relevant in today's world. Not just another cost centre, but something that could drive real value and meaningful impact.

Edward Batrouni – Zenitech Director & Cofounder


Through a challenge-accepted mindset, we accelerate and evolve our clients' business. We provide our people with a community where people genuinely care about each other, support each other. We combine people's creativity and expertise to build future-ready businesses for our clients.

Christopher Lacy-Hulbert – Zenitech Director & Cofounder


Our vision for Zenitech is to create a very “human” workplace based on mutual respect, open and direct relationships with each other and with our customers. We are visionary and fanatical about technology and we take pride in what we do.

Csaba Suket – Zenitech Director & Cofounder

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We value

Community first

Both in the partnerships and the solutions we develop, people are at the heart of what we do. We believe that working as a community with both our teams and clients is what leads us to outstanding results.

Community first

Consistent growth

From solutions to skills, growth is an essential part of our business as usual. We push ourselves, technology, and the systems we build constantly so that we can make a difference to our client’s business transformation.

Consistent growth

Simplified process

Our flows, processes and systems exist to reduce complexity. We develop them in a way that helps us be more effective and creative in our work, so we can focus on what really matters.

Simplified processes

Effective partnerships.

We strive to understand our customers’ businesses and bring both the technology and business functions together. This is our aim in our client organisations as well as our own.

Effective partnerships

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