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The three pillars at the core of our success are - Evolution, Innovation and Partnership.

A team of entrepreneurial thinkers and consultants, our focus is on effective user-centric design, lean product development and emerging technologies. We deliver solutions with intelligence and ingenuity.

Our goal is to future proof your business digitally, with minimal disruption, while offering long-term support and shared success.

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Shaping your business through agile technological change

This year has been one of huge change for you and your workforce but, while adapting to new practices is one thing, it’s still business as normal in the hunt to continuously improve products and services. We know you want to keep one step ahead of the competition and be able to act fast given changing market conditions.

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Tackling Identity Management Inefficiencies

We’ve all been there - desperately searching your memory (or a scrap of paper) for the last password you used to access an account. From email, websites, apps, to intranet networks, HR and productivity platforms, confirming our identity can be both frustrating and time consuming.

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Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing an inclusive and socially diverse campus is the bedrock to the measure of success of any seat of higher learning. With the need to meet social expectations and surpass diversity benchmarks taking precedent today, technology plays an ever more vital role.

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Next Generation Standards for NPA

A wholesale revolution in real-time payment presents a tremendous opportunity for utilities providers, but also a threat to those which don’t modernise their systems.

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Zenitech Lithuania celebrates milestone

One very wise man once said, "remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead". And, as we are taking some time to reflect upon its words, we are happy to announce that our Zenitech office in Lithuania has grown to 100 staff members.

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How AI can power your customer experience

‘What if search was driven by lifestyle and went deeper than just matching a bunch of words against an index?’ — we asked ourselves.

Aa a result we built AutoCompare — an application that helps you find the most suitable vehicle to fit your lifestyle by prioritising criteria.

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7 Reasons for Research & Development

In a fast-changing world where technology and time are of the essence, we have solid reasons to invest in R&D.

In Zenitech there are times when we invest heavily in developing our own products, while other times we are focused more on specific customers’ projects. Why and when we should give green light to R&D? This conversation has come up several times lately, let’s talk about it!As a result we built AutoCompare — an application that helps you find the most suitable vehicle to fit your lifestyle by prioritising criteria.

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