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Learn how Zenitech transformed a long-standing betting industry services partner into a truly digital business.

Supporting bookmakers since 1987

As a trusted partner to the global betting industry for over 30 years, SIS (Sports Information Services) provides key broadcast, content and production services to online and retail betting operators. SIS provides horse and greyhound racing content to almost all UK and Ireland betting shops, alongside additional shops in Europe, the Caribbean, and Sri Lanka.

A changing industry landscape

In 1986, only live audio commentary was broadcast to betting offices and a 'whiteboard' man transcribed the results. SIS took the opportunity to enable bookmakers to broadcast live racing in their shops for the first time. Since then, digital transformation has fundamentally changed sports broadcasting and betting - producing even more opportunities for bookmakers to engage with customers.

With a mission to maximize value for bookmakers, SIS creates and distributes betting events that help drive profitability. These quickfire events are over in minutes and have a high frequency throughout the day to increase betting turnover and dwell time for both retail and online operators all over the globe.

SIS monitoring

As a result, SIS was faced with a challenge when trying to transform their business from traditional broadcast into a digital streaming service. Without the internal expertise required to build high-performance and truly scalable digital capabilities in-house, SIS struggled with development processes and managing legacy technology.

Technology and development workflows were less than mature, with weaknesses across product team ownership and poor execution during sprint cycles. By balancing continued delivery of services relied on by bookmakers from all over the globe with the need for rapid digital transformation, SIS needed support from a reliable managed service provider.

A successful digital journey

During their journey to find a strategic partner that could meet specific pain points, SIS decided to partner with Zenitech due to a proven track record, decades of combined industry experience and the ability to provide well-vetted and quality technology resources at speed.

Zenitech and SIS embarked on a journey of digital transformation together with Zenitech taking the time to work on smaller fixed-price projects, build internal products and prove consistent value.

After trust was established between the pair, Zenitech started to provide SIS with a dedicated team in order to increase exposure to the expertise, knowledge and best practices that make Zenitech a distinct and reliable partner.

After two years of working together, SIS decided to completely outsource operations to Zenitech, allowing them to adopt ownership of the entire end-to-end delivery process. Zenitech immediately began to deliver on expected outcomes and soon started to deliver measurable improvements in cost and efficiency.

Securing customer engagement with technology

As a result of a close and long-term partnership, SIS is able to report reduced operational costs with measurable improvements in productivity. All Whilst maintaining a truly quality service that improves the value of their customer-facing applications.

As SIS looks to the future, Zenitech seeks to address challenges introduced by complicated regulatory changes in the betting industry. SIS now considers Zenitech as a key strategic partner, who they can work closely with to achieve future business goals.

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