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Find out how Zenitech transformed user experience and provided powerful business insights to a leading music services enterprise.

Built for creators

Founded in 2000, Kobalt is the music services company of tomorrow, built on transparency and technology. Kobalt acts primarily as an administrative publishing company, not owning any copyrights. It also offers label services and neighbouring rights; to this end, the company has developed an online portal to provide royalty income and activity to artists and allows them to manage their rights and royalties directly and have a plethora of artists under their label.

Agile Mindset and Methodology

Using Agile methodology, our talented community developed KAT, a powerful analytical tool that allows Kobalt to analyse accurately the demographic statistics of their clients. This empowers Kobalt to know how effectively their clients are performing by collecting important user-data such as the volume of the most played music tracks, location downloads, gender and age of the listeners.

The tremendous success of KAT led us to a second project with Kobalt - Syncpitch. A valuable internal tool that allows customers to search huge back catalogues for specific tracks and playlists. Syncpitch is primarily used by individuals in the television and film industry, as it helps them to quickly find the best-suited music for their soundtracks.

Partnership as a mindset

Zenitech’s team of technical experts scaled up the projects to Kobalt’s specific requirements and continued to stay by their side by doing ongoing maintenance and continuous systems improvement.

What Kobalt says about Zenitech

“What I find most impressive about Zenitech is its culture, they offer us both long-term collaboration and support throughout and they have a very helpful nature. It is never easy managing the process across multiple geographical locations, but the teams at Zenitech ensured that workflow was as best as it could be, they were engaged in both projects and worked tirelessly to ensure everything was working smoothly.”

Dawn James - Principal Engineer

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