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Discover how Zenitech developed the most advanced benchmark system on the market.

Building Benchmark

Meaningful, actionable data is key in today's digital-driven business industry and the automotive industry, in particular, is still struggling to find a balance between digital innovation and reliability.

As consumers are drawn to more environmentally friendly, automated and interconnected vehicles, organisations across the entire automotive value chain are struggling to meet the high expectations of their consumers while ensuring the stability and reliability of their systems.

Innovation as a process

Zenitech is helping Caresoft meet these industry challenges through robust, feature-rich, user-friendly digital solutions and innovations.

By looking at innovation as a process rather than an end state, our community of agile technology experts has created one of the first in-depth B2B vehicle comparison platforms on the market.

Featuring a full, 360-degree view of a vehicle, as well as an expanded view of its components (down to the smallest unit), the feature-rich platform helps businesses gain valuable actionable insights into their competitors’ products.


Putting the user first and acting as a true technology partner, we consulted on the designs and user journeys, both from the perspective of customers using the platforms as well as the employees inputting and managing data.

Through our actionable insights, the new web application features significant UX improvements and a more intuitive UI; with the aim of helping our clients improve their user satisfaction rate, as well as increase their user base.

The platform now exceeds several hundred terabytes of data from 3D models, broken-down assembly parts and high-quality 360-degree images of unique parts and mechanisms. This gives users vital insights into their competitors.

The systems and platforms we build are architectured for change and we have developed this innovative platform with durability and reliability in mind.

While our initial goal was to simply improve the up-time of their systems, through incremental and cost-effective continued development we also introduced functionalities that ensure their systems are flexible and able to adapt to their dynamic business landscape.

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