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Customer engagement through digital innovation

B2SEE | Automotive

Learn how Zenitech transformed an automotive and mechanical retailer.

Reshaping Engagement

We are operating in an increasingly digitally-driven landscape, in which users expect a very high level of personalization not just from their Google Home devices and Netflix subscriptions but from every business they engage with.

As in other industries, the organisations within the automotive are struggling to provide customers with the level of real-time tailored services that ensure they retain market share as well as maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Partnering with a UK digital innovator, we have developed a user-friendly application that reshapes the way consumers engage with car dealerships and repair service providers.

Agile both in mindset and methodology our community of technology experts has delivered a solution that combines a user-driven auto marketplace with a consumer-focused car repair service, helping our partner continuously grow their market share.

A successful digital journey

With features that ensure users correctly frame their vehicles and shoot consistently high- quality images, with fast uploads over Wifi, 4G or through a dedicated API, we help users quickly and easily pair vehicles with the right buyers.

In looking to significantly improve customers experience when engaging with car repair service providers, the app eliminates the friction associated with repeated phone calls, miscommunication, trips back and forth to the car repair shop.

Instead, a simple and effective platform enables a real-time, transparent communication model that allows customers to view the damaged parts, keep track of costs, as well as decide on whether the repair should go ahead.

Our partner recognizes that innovation is not an end state and thanks to our simplified, value-driven processes, B2SEE enjoys long-term, cost-effective continuous development, ensuring they strengthen their positioning in the market and continue to provide an excellent customer-driven experience.

What B2SEE says about Zenitech

“Zenitech is always there when we need to find the right answers because they have such advanced software development knowledge, and I can always trust them and the solutions they find. They are incredibly reassuring and will always go above and beyond.”

Ben McDowel, Founder & CEO B2SEE

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