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Project Manager


1 reason to join us:

  • Because our unique blend of growth driven seniors say we excel in professional attitude and working approach while caring for people as individuals.

2 reasons you would fit in:

  • You want to grow in a culture that encourages your talent and creativity by mixing client projects with our own products and components.
  • You appreciate fast decision making in a relaxed and casual working atmosphere.

3 reasons why you will enjoy being our colleague:

  • We are flexible and open in both mindset and attitude, from new programming languages to a new working approach with flexible work-place and working hours.
  • We like simplified processes and we believe in focusing on what really matters.
  • A good atmosphere and the possibility to contribute to the growth and creation of a fresh new culture.

4 skills and competencies we highly value:

  • Being able to build and grow responsible, autonomous and high performance teams.
  • Being able to manage scoping and timeline constraints in order to best achieve the team goals.
  • Creating transparency towards the stakeholders with regards to the execution of the project, its timelines, impediments, action items and risks.
  • Appreciation of smart solutions, pragmatic prioritization and continuous improvement.

5 if you are still reading, here are some more details on the projects:

  • Our client is a software as a service company that owns and develops a cloud-based platform used for business-planning which enables large organizations to accelerate decision making in areas ranging from finance to human resources.
  • You will be a part of a team of engineers working on enhancing the platform at scale, working on various areas from R&D discovery work to concrete backlog features.
  • You will use and expand your experience of working with Project management processes like Risk management and top it up with Agile methods of product delivery.
  • You will have autonomy in your work while being supported by a highly qualified leadership team that handles the account from our company and our client’s company also.
  • Our client’s mindset and approach to our collaboration is enabling us to take ownership over the product ideas and technologies used and go beyond deliverables and act as a partner and a consultant within the organization.