Community is the essence of who we are and what we do in Zenitech.

By staying committed to our community-driven approach, we make sure we are an employer of choice for performance-driven and impactful technology enthusiasts, and a partner of choice for the user-focused and value-oriented brands we work with.

In Zenitech we feel that we are part of a community that encourages and empowers us. A creative community where diverse and forward-thinking ideas are actively encouraged, along with different perspectives and opportunities to embrace.

It’s the people that make the community and in Zenitech this is not just a strapline. I feel that I am in a community where I am encouraged and empowered. It’s also a creative community, a place where diverse and forward-thinking ideas are actively encouraged, where there are different perspectives and opportunities to embrace.

Ruxandra - Delivery Manager

Having the opportunity to drive technological growth for a global gaming brand and move their business forward is amazing. I’m trusted to lead both people and initiatives which really gives me room to grow and encourages me to keep pushing to deliver work that makes us proud. We’re valued as individuals as well as a community.

Mykolas - Lead Software Developer

Wrapping up a release that we’ve been working on for months feels very rewarding. Knowing that those releases have a real impact on our clients’ business is even more rewarding. I’m proud to be involved with big brand names and very talented senior developers. I’ve been a part of the community for over 3 years now, and I still feel very much inspired and motivated.

Arvydas - Senior Developer






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